#MGM ‘Man Genius Monday’ ~ Vusi Thembekwayo

09 Feb


It’s that time of the week were we give you a genius we find interesting given their space of mind and drive.

The Man Genius Monday winner today is Vusi Thembekwayo. some of you might have seen him on Dragon’s Den South Africa, I accidentally found out about him while driving back from work listening to ‘The Money Show’ on Talk Radio 702 back in 2013 and tell you what!! tell you what! I was pretty much blown away by his drive, confidence and accomplishments at such a young age. His energy is infectious (because contagious is an outplayed word haha), he instantly commands your attention without trying, he has that type of “I’M IN THE HOUSE SHOW ME LOVE” kind of presence. He surely had me moved and still continues to keep consistent to the electrifying vybe he gave when Bruce Whitfield introduced him to me.


At the age of 17, Vusi was already ranked 1st in Africa for motivational speaking. As one of the best motivational speakers and keynote speakers alive today he has spoken in 4 of the 7 continents to over 250 000 people each year… and still counting! Motivational speakers and Keynote speakers globally have come to revere his talent and delivery style. A seasoned motivational speaker, companies and governments find him a dream to work with. His humour is the glue that binds some of his most diverse audiences in the world. His motivational speaking style is rich with jokes. A funny keynote speaker and hilarious motivational speaker; John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia called Vusi the “Rock Star of Public Speaking” and global strategist Clem Sunter said he was “simply reverting”.

For more info on Vusi click here for full profile.


Profile taken frome website.


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