‘Standing Out In Order To Fit In’ The Evolved Man… By Tiyani Mayz Mabaso

03 Feb


For today’s Fashionable Tuesday selection I decided to go with the concept of standing out in order to fit it.


using details as the main tool for separating yourself as an individual whether you in a group or you are alone.


The details in s man’s outfit are what constitutes unique character and charisma as of a genius man.


Breaking the norms and challenging the mainstream ordinary suit and tie,  including small details to your outfit like a pair of happy-socks, a rose lapel pin on your jacket or even a stylish brief case will take you from an ordinary man to what we call an evolved man















Presentation brought to you by Tiyani Mayz Mabaso of #TheEvolvedMan (Click on link to check out their facebook page)

More on the Evolved Man

The Evolved man is a man’s ideal guide to menswear style and chivalry through classic & contemporary depictions of well dressed men.

Using men’s fashion as a platform for empowering and inspiring young men, their page gives a detailed perspective on what they deem as ideal style, class and chivalry.

If you believe you are evolved in your own right, please inbox or email them your pics so they can share your style 🙂 . LETS GET EVOLVED!!
Please email them at
*Credits to all original photographers.
Follow them on Instagram @the_evolved_man



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