#MGM ‘Man Genius Mondays’ ~Tiisetso Maloma

02 Feb

Tiisetso genius Level

Our first Man Genius Monday post and it goes to non other than my bro Tiisetso Maloma. With this theme we plan on bringing you local Geniuses with the aim of helping you harness some genius from them. We think Tiisetso is amazing, and hope you will find him amazing too. Check him out.


Tiisetso is a parallel entrepreneur, African entrepreneurship activist, development economics scholar, and self renowned music and comedy connoisseur. He devised the EBC business model checklist and authored these 2 books:Forget The business Plan Use This Short Model, and Township Biz Fastrack (co-authored with and working on his third book The Anxious Entrepreneur #TAEBOOK

Below he shares his vision with us:-

My obsession is with the creativity of finding market penetrating advantages for startups/businesses given limited resources. Although I can never completely leave behind the anxiety entrepreneurship brings, I seem to do it for recreational purposes.

My interest is active in how one can be economically creative, figurative and literally, i.e. figuring out how to create and package products that appeal to people’s need, intrigue and consumption. This could even be products that didn’t exist before.

Entrepreneurship is a nerve wrecking business when things are not going according to one’s wish/plan/luck/desire/need/desperation. My next study or field of play is figuring ways entrepreneurs can attract thought-of and especially unthought-of opportunities i.e. things to do to achieve goals and things to do in between achieving goals. I have found the latter helps take away anxiety and depression.

You can call this ‘maximising and leveraging probabilities’.

Here are the present businesses I am publicly involved with: Startup PicnicBula Buka and Practice DVD education Games.

I love to do talks and workshops on the topics above. I consult privately to a few individuals and entities. Please visit my blog herewww.tiisetsomaloma.comc where I archive my thoughts, experiments and experiences.

I ventured and wrestled in various industries including: clothing, music, animation, television. Other past ventures include gabble heights Clothing, Rural Joss Clothing and Bhovas & Sam. Eish, I have failed a lot.

My work has featured in various publications and broadcast shows:,,,, Business Report;, Destiny Man magazine, Succeed magazine, Transform magazine; Making of Mogul (African Magic), 2000 FM, YFM, Alex FM, Mamelodi FM, Hashtag Radio, Tshwane FM and more.

This is as far as my academic education goes: Diploma in Accounting and Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Auditing, both with the University of Johannesburg.

“Radical with pragmatic economic solutions” Thebe Ikalafeng

“Dresses more like a rock star than an accountant” Deon Maas


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