The 7 Day Genius Theme “We Genius All Day & All Week”

28 Jan

Genius All Week Theme


Because we Genius we decided to give the Online Genius mag a new face-lift, why? Well in a classic Kevin Hart thug rant, we believe in being Genius…


In setting up the above themes we tried to cover all aspects and traits a Genius aught to possess, our initial strategy from the very first article was to create an online environment were consistent sources of inspiration and motivation are generated, a space were adventure, humor, fun, curiosity, genius, innovation and creativity are all housed with the main objective of creating a community that shares ideas and feeds off each other, we creating cracks in the concrete, redefining and consistently kicking the status quo’s ass. We believe that reading and writing rips open your subconscious and brings ideas to life, its never about the perfect writer or perfect article, its about simulating an environment that encourages trying. Like Kanye says it “Be willing to fail”.

With that being said, we invite anyone who believes in the same values and passion as we do to join us in our quest to Genify the world. Drop us an email at you may choose a theme that best suits your writing style.

Please see below a detailed expansion of the weekly themes.

1 Monday Genius

2 Tuesday Genius

3 Wednesday Genius

4 Thursday Genius

5 Friday Genius

6 Saturday Genius

Sunday Genius

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