She Is Complicated… – Pert 1 of a 6 part series that seeks to understand her in attempts to love her #HerWord #Lesson1 #30DayzToVday by Lunga V Ncala

14 Jan


She is complicated…

My assumption is that because when God made woman, he put man to sleep and extracted  a piece of him to create her.

Man was alseep and knows not how she was formed, thus the complication of application.

But if man where to look inside himself he will be able to understand her function and use. Because ultimately she is of man.

So you see she is not complicated at all we just need to look within. Love her like u love yourself, “seek ye first”, love you, God then her. Love her like christ loves the church. How does Christ love the church? The way he loves himself, he realised that the church is in him and thru himself, so loving it means loving himself completely – ultimate oneness.

You see, I have been told this countless times, I have even said it myself “Love her selflessly”, “love her like Christ loved the church” but I never bothered to understand this loaded concept, so after my epic failure to “love her right” I went on a journey to understand all the individual elements that when placed together form this “Love Thing” Her, me, Love, God, Sex, Money, Time, Giving ect. The list is pretty endless when u sit down to write it out, but for the sake of this piece I will start with the main three elements: Me, Her & Love. She is not complicated.


She is not complicated… the more I understand God and his word, the more I see myself and my purpose in life and this ultimately shows me her. She is not complicated….. Am not complicated… Loving her is not a favour, giving her is not debt, protecting her is not flexing or chest pounding event…. Loving doesn’t mean she owes me anything because loving her is loving me.. She is not complicated!

She is not complicated…

Article  by Lunga V Ncala #ROW (Reflection Of Word)

Because here at Genius Level we love and appreciate women, this serves as the first piece in the series #HerWord as we countdown 30 days till Valentine’s day, Lunga will be leading us into a journey set to help us understand ‘her’, so as to love her better….

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