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11 Jan


You never know when that little tingle that sparks crazy genius ideas in your head is gonna hit, its crazy, its an instant high. One time you taking a shower and the next you rushing off trying to get to the nearest pen and paper. For those minutes that you sit on the table or kitchen counter everything comes to a halt, your heart beats ever so loudly, time just seems to be frozen, almost like the only thing that matters at that time is what’s going through your mind as you try relay those mental messages directly to the paper.

For me writing has become a sport, a hobby, an addiction. I simply cannot go a day without having written anything on my memopad.

I do admit sometimes its scary. writing is a direct translation of how you see things, how you view the world, your trend of thinking, your creative soul, its the only known way to evoke emotions that language alone cannot touch; its a language of its own, a way you strip off all distractions from your mind. And when you do let the world enter into your inner nude reality, it can be scary. Writing is art.

“I used to print out Nas raps and tape ’em up on my wall, My niggas thought they was words, but it was pictures I saw, And since I wanted to draw, I used to read ’em in awe” J Cole – Let Nas Down

I try share with the world the beauty of it on a daily, its an inner communication with self, if you at times have difficulties interpreting whatever it is you going through (could be emotion, stress or unprocessed ideas), try write it down and explain it to yourself, you will be amazed at the levels of clarity that follow instantly. Writing frees the mind and speaks to the soul.


Everyone has the gift to write, just try it and pick up the pen, then watch those mental notes ricochet off the page and bounce back into your mind. Leaving you with a feeling words alone can never describe……

And oh, hi, I’m Kagiso and I’m crazy about writing.


Article by Kagiso Maloma

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