Genius Level Turn UP, 10X, Laborious and all things dope “Grant Cardone”

06 Jan


Admit it, anything that seems crazy always gives a high. Kind of like how I just learned a new word and it got me all hyped up, crazy right? Like how nothing genius will ever be created from a mind that lacks imagination. Most of the people I look up to are crazy and that gives me a high knowing that there’s a life that awaits me and its never gonna have any dull moments.

{la·bo·ri·ous}  pronounced (ləbôrēəs). adjective  (especially of a task, process, or journey) requiring considerable effort and time (Just like reaching your Genius Level)

Grant Cardone speaks about multiplying every goal or target you have by 10. Below is a Youtube video called ‘How to Kickstart 2015‘. Leaving in a fast paced world were its all bout you do you I do me , you need to create your own hype, make your own fun and engineer your own crazy. You will agree with me that anything perceived to be normal sucks the life out of you, filter your lenses and live a laborious life (okay I just felt like using that) whatever it is that you do, resist from seeing it with a basic eye, learn to harness inspiration from the little things that you do because eventually they built a solid foundation for bigger endeavors that you intent on accomplishing. If they see a five hundred page book, choose to see it as a 3 day conversation with a brilliant mind.


The way you see the world is a reflection of how you see yourself, be energetic, friendly, informational, genius and humorous and see how quickly the lens that you see the world in will adjust. J Cole in his new album says “there is beauty in the struggle”, yet if you carry on not enjoying the journey that leads to the greater you, how then are you going to have blissful stories to tell when you reach the mountain top?

What started off as an Idea to post the below youtube video ended up as an unplanned ‘laborious’ article haha. As promised see below the amazing 4 minute clip by Grant Cardone about multiplying whatever goals you have by 10, the stretch targeting gives a high, it challenges what you think is your best, pull a rabbit out the hat and evolve into the genius you have always wanted to become because here we don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. Turn UP!!


Article by Kagiso Maloma


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