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The ability to set objectives has been said to be the master skill of success, you either work your own objectives or you will work every day to help someone meet their objectives; in this life you write your own path, take a pick.


Hide and Seek? The very idea of living with no set standards or objectives that drive your every action is the same as playing hide and seek with your life. Do you not want to wake up every morning with a sense of purpose ready to take on the world? you know that feeling you get when you can’t wait to wake up in the morning so as to action something overly awesome you have on your agenda? that business presentation that’s gonna blow away the directors at work? That first day at work? That first jump into your new car? That test you studied for and you ready to kick its behind?

What is a sense of purpose? What creates it? Well we all have dreams, ambitions and personal goals we want to action. I’m talking that very same guy who is always at the local tavern; have a sit with him and he will tell you of all his life dreams and ambitions. Now look at your own dreams and ambitions, how different are you from him if you have no plan in place on how you going to reach your pot of gold on how you going to attain that genius level?

Allow me to jump right into it. It’s simple, yet we all forget to do this, the first thing you do is get a spiral notebook or some piece of paper. Now envision where you want to be in the next 12 months, the next month, envision the person you want to be. Now the next step is very simple; begin to write down all the things you want to accomplish over the time period you have set for yourself.

These are called objectives and I will take you through a couple of examples of how to craft them into motivational drivers that offer you a life of meaning, a life which is guided by your dreams, that person you have always wanted to be yet always pushed him back? This is how you get him back.

Below find a list of objective examples that will help guide you into creating your own.


1. I want to save
2. I want to buy a house
3. I want to buy a car
4. I want to finish my honours
5. I want to become motivated
6. I want to become a better communicator
7. I want to become a phenomenon professional
8. I want to be fit
9. I want to be manager
10. I want to action my business ideas
11. I want to become a better boyfriend
12. I want to be influential
13. I want to earn R xx xxx xxx a month



Now re-write these objectives in a present tense as if you have already achieved them. This will help alter your behaviour to that of a person who has achieved them already, be very specific and as a rule of thumb, remember to make your objectives S.M.A.R.T


1. I Save
2. I own a house
3. I own a car
4. I completed my honours
5. I am motivated
6. I am a brilliant communicator
7. I am a phenomenon professional
8. I am fit
9. I am a manager
10. I action my business ideas
11. I am an awesome boyfriend
12. I am influential
13. I earn R xx xxx xxx a month

Realise the change in mindset? You went from a position where you wanted to achieve a certain goal to a position where you see yourself rise above wishful thinking, to a position where you see yourself already having achieved your objectives; what this does is it alters your way of thinking to that genius state of mind. You are now in that position where you believe you have accomplished those goals and you will start behaving in an according manner. Behaving in a manner that is fitting of a winner, showing off traits of higher value, discipline and leading a driven life.

And oh, Hi I’m Kagiso and I encourage you to practice the habit of goal setting.


Article by Kagiso Maloma


Posted by on January 1, 2015 in Business, Genius Individuals


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