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The 7 Day Genius Theme “We Genius All Day & All Week”

Genius All Week Theme


Because we Genius we decided to give the Online Genius mag a new face-lift, why? Well in a classic Kevin Hart thug rant, we believe in being Genius…


In setting up the above themes we tried to cover all aspects and traits a Genius aught to possess, our initial strategy from the very first article was to create an online environment were consistent sources of inspiration and motivation are generated, a space were adventure, humor, fun, curiosity, genius, innovation and creativity are all housed with the main objective of creating a community that shares ideas and feeds off each other, we creating cracks in the concrete, redefining and consistently kicking the status quo’s ass. We believe that reading and writing rips open your subconscious and brings ideas to life, its never about the perfect writer or perfect article, its about simulating an environment that encourages trying. Like Kanye says it “Be willing to fail”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dear Prospective Genius Graduate Intern….


As the end of the year approaches it comes with a bit of anxiety coupled with a lot of excitement for final year students-now graduates-soon to be interns. The first year of working is an important one as i believe it is a clear indication of whether you on the right career path or not. There are lot of valuable life lessons to be learned that supplement whatever working experience you will be acquiring.

The most valuable lesson from my internship: take control of your career! This might seem a little obvious at first but you would be surprised.

Interns have always been portrayed as either lazy or over enthusiastic unapologetic suck ups that are good for nothing but coffee runs and every other errand. This cannot be further from the truth, at least not for the right kind of internship. Internships are not meant to take advantage of the employer and especially not the intern. The perfect internship is dualistic relationship, a give and take for both the intern and the company.

So future intern do not walking into any internship prepared to be a glorified slave, walk in there expecting a platform to launch your career.

It is best to manage your expectations at the interview. As much as the interviewer ask s you questions to figure out if you are the ideal fit for the internship, you need to ask questions to figure out if the internship is a good fit for you.


What will be your duties? What will you are expected to achieve? Will you work weekends? etc You know what you want!

Communicate with your manager in terms of their expectations for you and communicate your expectations to them. Do you see how this is a two way road? That’s because as much as your employer is offering you a platform to gain experience in your field, you have something to offer too. You are fresh out of varsity and eager to learn. Not only do you have the latest theoretical training, you also have a fresh perspective and good companies will know how to make that work for them which ultimately will work for you too. You don’t have to go Oliver Twist “please sir, can i have some more”on your boss. Fight for your career at every turn.

Yes, you don’t have 7 years working experience yet (and you might be reminded of that several times) but everybody had to start at year one. It’s all good and well to start at the bottom but be careful not to stay at the bottom for too long

It is also very important not to be a conceited know it all because you just graduated but don’t belittle yourself or your qualification either.

I can’t emphasize this enough. Take control of your career and don’t let yourself be taken advantage of just because you carry the title intern.




Article by Maserame Jaco

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Who’s the King?? By J Cole


Who’s the king?

We all kings
Kings of ourselves first and foremost

While the people debate who’s the king of this rap game
Here comes lil’ ol’ Jermaine
With every ounce of strength in his veins
To snatch the crown from whoever y’all think has it
But rather than place it on his head as soon as he grabs it
Poof, boom, paow, it’s like magic
With a flash and a BANG the crown disintegrates
And falls to the Earth from which it came
It’s done Read the rest of this entry »

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She Is Complicated… – Pert 1 of a 6 part series that seeks to understand her in attempts to love her #HerWord #Lesson1 #30DayzToVday by Lunga V Ncala


She is complicated…

My assumption is that because when God made woman, he put man to sleep and extracted  a piece of him to create her.

Man was alseep and knows not how she was formed, thus the complication of application. Read the rest of this entry »

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Your Article Has Been Published On Wordpres…. Lights, Camera, Action


You never know when that little tingle that sparks crazy genius ideas in your head is gonna hit, its crazy, its an instant high. One time you taking a shower and the next you rushing off trying to get to the nearest pen and paper. For those minutes that you sit on the table or kitchen counter everything comes to a halt, your heart beats ever so loudly, time just seems to be frozen, almost like the only thing that matters at that time is what’s going through your mind as you try relay those mental messages directly to the paper. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet The Geniuses

The Below Genius Individuals contributed to Genius Level in making it what it is today and helping shape the minds of South Africans and many others across the world. These are the Shapeshifters!


Tiisetso Maloma

Tiisetso Maloma (

1. Dating Advice From a no Game Entrepreneur

2. Evidently Brotherhood Breeds Success Read the rest of this entry »

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Career Genius

Career Genius.

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