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I Kicked Him OUT!! “2015 Baby!!”

Been a couple of months since this dude has been staying with me, cant even remember how I came to let him in. He’s everywhere I go, he pays no rent, eats what I eat, takes up half my precious time, gets the chance to watch my smart TV and even has insight into my unpublished Genius Level articles and upcoming book titled “The Pedi Boy Who  Bought A Fancy German Car”. You would think given that he’s constantly in the presence of greatness (Refer to my Internalizing Happiness article). As I was still saying, you would think given that he’s forever in the presence of greatness he would be inspired and follow suite, but no! This guy was most probably a great influence in having the word stubborn invented. Read the rest of this entry »


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What I love about being a youth in South Africa


Many people look at the youth of S.A as the rot in a red, big, juicy apple. I look at it at the same angle ironically; I think that the youth of S.A is so used to getting things for free, that they have even forgotten what it’s like to fight for what you want. We look at the apartheid era as an era of physical oppression only, but we forget that what the freedom fighters were fighting for is the chance to choose what we want as people, and who we want to become as well, making us see that they were fighting against mental oppression as well.

Now that we’ve gotten the opportunity to say,”no, we don’t want this” and “yes, we want that”, we have gotten seriously and, at the lack of a better word, stupidly picky. We’ve decided that we’d rather sit and not do anything than to do manual labor, getting down and dirty, because the people around us won’t find that ‘sexy’. We have disregarded the notion that to get to the top, you have to start at the bottom.

But what I love about being a youth in this era is that we are a bunch of dark horses. We are capable of rising from the dust and taking over, just like a phoenix. In the bunch that don’t want to do anything, there you will find us, the bunch that lives and breathes ambition. We are dreaming and working towards a better South Africa for ourselves and hopefully our kids. We are the descendents of the 1976 youth of South Africa, the strong, ambitious, courageous, pioneering youth, and that is what I LOVE about being a youth in S.A in this era!


By: Moshibudi Madia (Written: 16 June 2013)

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Making it my fight “Continuous Activism Against Women & Child Abuse”

In the early hours of the 16th and last day of 16 days of activism against woman and child abuse, I was suddenly immersed by an idea to write a piece dedicated to the women in my life. I didn’t really identify with the general/ the social media understanding of this movement, so  this brain wave started off by me wanting to write a praise piece about specific women in my life that have inspired me, purely by the way they lived their lives. But this nagging feeling of not fully understanding 16 days of Activism, drove me to start thinking of the meaning behind this 16days of activism from a woman’s point of view. What happened to these women that they had to take a STAND and say “Fuck it!”? (I use such language for dramatic emphasis, because after looking up the word “activism” Fuck this shit that’s happening or in context Fuck it is best suited) The word activism by a British dictionary is defined: as a policy of taking direct and often militant(The Fuck It) action to achieve an end, esp a political or social one. Other definitions describe activism as consistent efforts to promote change.

Remember the #Bringbackourgirls Hashtag? Remember how it started off on a serious note but eventually lost its true meaning as more people who did not care much or understand the very serious issue at hand? We now live in a world where #Hashtags are supposedly a new Uprising. #Bringbacktheyouthof76 I say!!

“We live in a world where #Hashtags are supposedly a new Uprising

Baby, 6-weeks-old, raped in Northern Cape News24 - Google Chrome_2014-12-16_20-17-52.jpg

Militant action, to achieve an end!! Militant action, are words normally used when nations go to war. My basic understanding of war or militant action is when all peaceful efforts to resolve a dispute between two or more parties have failed and a more vigorous and direct action is required to reach a form of balance/peace. This is some serious shit and my cute little tweets and catchy hashtags #Isupport16days ect started to look like a fashionable activism, I’m following a trend, at least I said something. I lacked the “activism” because I never bothered to make the fight my own.

Thus began my mental, spiritual, emotional and physical (All the areas attacked) journey into understanding this war that women & children find themselves in.  “Walk a mile in my shoes” approach. To achieve this I need to understand a woman, a child and a man, who best to give me insight on this than the creator of us all. Why? Because I trust no one else to give me a solution. In this world we have Men, Women & Children. When two of the three are being attacked, it either means the attacker is me(Men) and/or means I failed in my fundamental duties as man.


The Fuck It: – Is a state of mind or attitude that one adopts, and often times pushed to it by circumstances or situations where human reasoning and logic are no longer effective solutions to the situation at hand. And one has to simply say FUCK IT, and this will activate a series of auto piloted events/responses which are directed at solving this diabolical situation. And thus one cannot be held responsible for actions that take place after “The Fuck It” has been activated.  But more than often that individual or group will claim responsibility for “The Fuck It” in the form of “something had to be done” OR “drastic situations call for drastic measures”

Examples of “The Fuck It” users are generally those who make history: The youth of 1976; Jesus; Martin Luther King; Mother Teresa; Malcom X; Nelson Mandela: Rosa Parks (who literally ‘took a stand’ by sitting down); EFF; Thuli Madonsela; Beyonce; Most rappers and high performance athletes.



Who are these women? And what happened?:

In her shoes

Walking in the shoes of those women who have had their voices beaten, raped and muted. Those women who have joyfully & courageously given up on their dreams of a future to passionately and vigorously fight to create one for their children. Those broken hearted women, who for the sake of their sons and daughters swallows her pain, her fear, her hopelessness, her loneliness and her undying longing for him. A man, her Adam, her Protector, her Provider, her Partner, her Prince of peace, her personification of Love – God. A man when added up with all that she needs, he will reflect the image (The Physical evidence, of God), the nature (His state of being, that needs no altering or improvement) and the characteristics (His features, His thoughts & His actions, when quality tested, match up to her father’s own character) of her helper – God.  I don’t think I will never fully understand the abuse of woman & children, but I do know that the solution is in God, we are not to be trusted.


& oh hi, I’m Lunga and this is a Relfection of my Word


Artcle by Lunga V Ncala and added on by Kagiso Maloma

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Kanye Type Of Self Love “The Genius of Internalizing Happiness”


How many of us shrink to lower levels just so we can make others feel safe and normal even though they know that they are in the presence of greatness? How many times does that inner voice in your head shout at you countless number of times but yet still punk out from the opportunity to own up to your own greatness and let the world know it? “Oh no people are gonna think I’m cocky and egotistic” well  it shouldn’t be any of your worry if they insecure and not able to stomach such stratospheric levels of confidence right? A significant number of us live a half life, okay maybe a couple of decimal places above 50.1% but it still rounds itself off to a half life. Do you ever think of doing what you like and love regardless of outside opinion. Do you insecurely  check if anyone is looking before you do something you consider daring? How many imaginary friend figures do you have sitting on the board of your decision making ability?

Woke up feeling awesome this morning much to my latest post which included a TED video that spoke about owning up to your emotions. And oh, above you will see a photo of Kanye within Kanye within Kanye, I will explain this later…..

As I was still saying, I woke up feeling awesome and that simultaneously led to me having a good morning workout, the rest of the day as I recall it, was blissful . I had one thing in mind, doing me as the kool kids would put it… So what is this magic spell that wielded itself around me and just so happened to give me a new perspective on life? Its really simple, something we all overlook on a daily basis much to this collective hallucination that has us tied down to chains we already have the magic keys to. Interested in learning this magic trick? grab a wand and lets get started.


It all started with one little thought that came to me while I was watching a Kanye West interview, I call it the “Kanye type of self love”…… In the interview he mentioned one thing that got me thinking…..


“For me you know, I’m a creative genius and there’s no other way to word it”

It sounded daring, sounded cocky, ballzy and damn right showed off his confidence levels, Kanye had learned what most of us were never taught, and given this little trick that he wore on his sleeve for everyone to glance at, admire and get a taste of what they were missing, he had managed to use this Excalibur of a trait to get to where he is today, with it he was invincible, with it he was Yeezus; he managed to wave off any form of negativity and bad press that almost put a dark permanent cloud on his career… How did he do it?

Kanye had managed to internalize his happiness!! This might just be thee best trait you will ever learn from anyone, learn how to internalize your happiness. To me this speaks volumes, when you are able to internalize your happiness, you able to see things your way, you able to choose to take control of your emotions when you get overlooked, anyone speaking badly of you or trying to break you apart? well if your happiness is internalized that just means they have no reach onto your emotional drive. All externalities stay keep bouncing whenever they attempt to sip into your insides.

Kanye had managed to internalize his happiness!!

Too many of us have “externalized’ our happiness in a sense that we crave for approval so far as begging to be allowed into the bandwagon that only lasts for a week and there after its on to a new trend that everyone is constantly trying to keep up with (collective hallucination_ Please refer to the Matrix and Inception articles) ,  its exhausting, its damn right embarrassing to say the least. This chronic illness has the ability to get to its highest form at which a person can no longer deal with being alone, be it a relationship or just a mere friendship, a person becomes emotionally chained to another’s approval so much so they constantly seeking and living off it.

“Attention seeking is becoming a chronic illness to which rehabilitation will one day be required. Why not prepare a prescription of self realization pills for yourself? Moslow did put it at the top of his list, maybe it’s worth overdosing on, and you never know how high up the Genius Level ladder you might find yourself landing on” Kagiso Maloma (That’s me by the way, Hashtag  #Kanyetypeofselflove)

With the above I really was just spelling out that people need to internalize their happiness, all the FB and Instagram likes will never fill you up, once you caught in that rat race, it becomes a constant self devaluing act of letting your perfect self go in order to be accepted and liked by people you don’t even like.

In my opinion the leading cause of suicide is most probably the inability to internalize your happiness, the obvious result of this being a projection of your insecurities upon others who most of the time do not have your back or care about you, they use this power you give unto them to abuse your good nature.


As a result of projecting your insecurities unto others, you instantly show hate when you see a genius being talking confidently of themselves, because you admire their character but here comes the confusing part, meanwhile you admire and think this person is amazing, it instantly triggers all the doubts you have about yourself, all the awesome things you should be projecting off to the world,  but because you too scared to be great and want to be just like the other person, you end up  not quite understanding how they manage to do this; with that being the case you then automatically due to your lessor mental bravado end up showing hate and talking badly of the person in attempts to bring them down to your ungenius level. Look at platforms like TMZ and the rest of the paparazzi; who do they target? and who does this? Well lessor individuals with little self love and a wealth of hate. They target successful individuals it attempts to bring them down to their level, same thing a crab would do to a fellow crab soon as it sees that the other is about to make it out of the bucket. If I cant make it, you cant make it too right?


“Kanye got that type of arrogance and ego that points out flaws you self conscious about, if you are uncomfortable about yourself, you gonna be mad at Kanye_ his confidence makes you feel bad about yourself” Talib Kweli

Life’s too short to not be letting the world know how much of a GENIUS you are, Life’s too short to not be openly awesome, driven and crazy……….

Believe in your hypeman, internalize your happiness and lock the world’s influence out. Do away with the habit of following trends, stop following other people’s lives and make a commitment to self to start living, enjoying and making the most out of your own life. Whenever you have a decision to make ask your inner self if this is really your decision or have your mates filtered through into your mind clouding your judgement? are you doing this for yourself? Do you sit on your own decision making board or do you play as an extra in your own reality show?

A life of allowing externalities to filter through into your emotions and allowing them to get you worked up is but a half life… a life half lived is a life half explored, you are so much than what you make yourself to be, discover the inner genius. When you start from within, that’s limitless…. The choice is yours…………..



And oh hi, I’m Kagiso and i’m an absolute Genius…. What about you? How do you  perceive and define yourself? ….. take the leading role in your own life… Lights__Camera__Action



Article by Kagiso Maloma.







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