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GENIUS LEVEL OUTLIER (The Science of standing out)

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To keep my mind stimulated and fit I try doing a lot of reading during my spare time , if I can’t read a book I would search on WordPress for interesting reading, listen to an audio book or anything value adding on YouTube. I started this concept called Adding Value Approach in my honours year (2011). Adding value approach is simply an idea that aims to govern your very thinking and help you in making better decisions on how you spend your time; the concept is very simple and easy to apply, in everything that you chose to do, ask yourself a simple question of how this is adding value to my life and to the objectives that I have set for myself. If it does not add any value, don’t do it! Nothing as fulfilling as a value add driven life.

I’m currently reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success, the very start of this book inspired this piece of Genius writing that you about to experience. An Outlier is a scientific term used to describe things or phenomena that lie outside normal experience. This term is used in the book to describe the caliber of successful people that he talks about in the book, Bill Gates, Theodore Roosevelt, etc.


The concept of an outlier entails a level of genius that one has to poses, you then start thinking about how can I become an Outlier? Read on fellow wonderer.

The beginning of the book talks of a town called Roseto, the fixation with Roseto was due to how the people who stayed in Roseto would only die due to old age and that was it, the medical world found it a mystery at the time that you would rarely find anyone from Roseto who had heart disease under the age of 65. This was dubbed the Roseto Mystery. No one at the time could explain why that was the case as the Rosetans like other towns drank wine, smoked unfiltered stogies, drank soft drinks and used a lot of fat I n their cooking.

The Rosetans did not engage in any sort of exercise so why where there so few cases of heart attacks in the town compared to other towns? The answer to this question needed a different type of thinking to be able to explain why the Rosetans where favored by the gods.

This is an extract from Outliers regarding the findings.

“Wolf and Bruh had to convince the medical establishment to think about health and heart attacks in an entirely different new way: they had to get them to realise that they wouldn’t be able to understand why someone was healthy if all they did was think about an individual’s personal choices or actions in isolation”

You can imagine by this time the last statement send chills down my spine as this highlights the way we all try solve any given problem, we go at it the way we were either taught to or the way it has always been done. In this world you need to realise that logic also is an idea and one can simply defy it as easily as Americans made us believe that they landed on the moon or that when the aliens do finally decide to attack they are going to start in the US.


To answer the question as to why the Rosetans where so healthy, the medical researchers had to look beyond the individual, just like how you would look beyond the problem in finding innovative solutions to it; the way it has always been done does not always work. Don’t you just hate how the status quo paralysis innovation? People become so stuck up on formalities and processes that they end up not thinking. If the Matrix is anything to go by, the concept of making our own decisions will soon cease to exist.

I was at a graduation ceremony yesterday (I was the one graduating by the way, well more of a certification just so I do not sell anyone dreams haha). The key note speaker spoke about the new generation of technology and he painted so vividly how he saw the next 20 years to be like. He touched on how the driving task will be taken out of the hands of humans and put in the hands of digital computers, how cars will have no steering wheels and be able to travel on the highway at about 250km per hour and not have any accident as the cars will be able to communicate with each other. Insurance will no longer be needed and will fall away as cars can no longer have accidents and will be impossible to steal. This made me think of how South African hijackers are so embracing of change that they always find new ways to adapt given improvements in security technology: Bra Mjojo will find a way to write a program to defy the digital computers. Will surely get Bra Mjojo to write a book of the adaptive nature of criminals in SA in the coming 20 years when the driving task is no longer in the human’s hands: I shall call it “Memoirs of a normal hijacker turned digital extremist”_ Embracing change.


Now back to the Rosetans and their mystery.

“…they had to get them to realise that they wouldn’t be able to understand why someone was healthy if all they did was think about an individual’s personal choices or actions in isolation. They had to look beyond the individual; they had to understand the culture he or she was part of, and who their friends and families were, and what town their families came from. They had to appreciate the idea that the values of the world we inhabit and the people we surround ourselves with have a profound effect on who we are”

The findings of the medical research where that the Rosetans had lower stress levels, this was due to how the Rosetans where connected, they would do things like cook for their neighbors, their houses where close together, housewives where respected and the elderly where incorporated into community life. The community discouraged the wealthy from flaunting their success and encouraged them to help the poor. Whenever you would see people walk down the streets in Roseto they would stop, greet each other and have conversations.

“The Rosetans had created a powerful protective social structure capable of insulating them from the pressures of the modern world, they were healthy because of where they were and the world they had created for themselves”

Needles to say, soon as those values and culture practices where forgotten, they separated and became more Americanized and with that the heart disease rates rose.

The idea of looking beyond the problem always gives new innovative and proactive ways to deal with problems. Now switch your mind around and think of how one can apply this type of thinking in everyday life. If only people started looking beyond what they see at hand started envisioning things in a different way. “Only the ones crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”.

The finding in Roseto highlights the importance of showing affection to others, genuinely being interested in people, greeting each other on the streets. In a world where 80 and 6 week old babies get raped you wonder what the hell is happening. Family and friends play an important profound role in your life without you even realising; the very environment you are in directly has an effect on you. Take things back to basics, where culture and respect where deep rooted in us.

Extended family sitting outdoors smiling

Be different! Facts will always be around, but what people care about is what your individual thoughts are? Not what a ‘wise’ guy came up with, the power of independent thinking; it pushes back on the status quo and focuses on the creation of more. When last did you have a conversation with someone who had a crazy fresh perspective? Someone who does not acknowledge limitations, someone who questions, pushes back and challenges? Hang around people who motivate and are just as crazy and driven as you.


Normal is for the birds, what is that one skill set that sets you apart from others? Why should you be the one to wake up in that new Range Sport? What is your genius level? How are you making a brand out of yourself? Do you wake up every day feeling the same? What keeps you going? Be different and think differently.

Oh Hi, I’m Kagiso and the concept of consistent evolving rocks my world, normal is for the slackers.


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What “Million Dollar Baby” Taught Me

Love Self Beautiful


So I had never watched Million Dollar Baby before this weekend. Besides me being a loser in that respect; I’m just not a movie person.

 When it started playing Sunday evening all that registered in my head was: “OK, movie with woman playing a woman in a male dominated industry-record”. LOL! I asked my mother what the title was; she told me it was Million dollar baby. I watched it for approximately 15 minutes then went to my room to go and attempt some sort of study session. What actually happened in my room was a brainstorming session for this blog post. It went a little something like this: “Oh I know what’s going to happen, typical movie. The woman will get shunned (yes I watch Breaking Amish) but she won’t give up. In the end, she will turn out to be the greatest female boxer, winning the…

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Love Self Beautiful


When I first decided to turn my life around and begin to live a life for something greater than myself, I decided that the first book I was going to read was The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma. I was tired of living a purposeless, self- absorbed life. I did not just want to live a “good” life, I wanted greatness. So with this new pursuit an epiphany was in order and Robin Sharma was the best life coach for me at the time. From that amazing book the revelation of greatness came along and being someone who suffers from terrible anxiety, his novel really hit home and made me realise that my life is mine to live. I am the one responsible for my failure and my success and if I did not feel like taking charge, life would do that for me and we both know how life…

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‘Damn those Nigerians; Indians; Chinese; Zimbabweans etc. making money in our country’. These are the usual words echoed by natives referring to foreign business people.

Irrespective of where in the world, natives tend to always moan about foreign businessmen in their homeland.

If I were to migrate to another country, be it for education or work or both. I will make sure I succeed. One thing I will do is group with my kind (fellow countrymen).  This is the brotherhood I’m pointing out in this post. And because I’m in that country with a purpose, I’m likely to succeed.

How is this view? For instance when a Nigerian plans to look for work in another country, say South Africa, he gets in contact with fellow countrymen already in SA. These are the people who will either give him work until he is able to stand on his own or help him find work. This fosters mentorship.


This brotherhood I am emphasizing stands on the strength of a common goal (education or work), available and unselfish mentorship and not being shy of how you make money in the meantime.

Can we now apply this ‘brotherhood’ to our fellowship as South Africans, Zambians, Africans, Yorubas, Ma-Pedi; Zimbabweans, Ama-Zulu.

Partnership is a weapon that will surely win our battles in 2014/5. Mighty is experience mixed with inexperience!


Article By Tiisetso Maloma @ Progress Portal


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Billy? Jerry? John? Marry? Lebo? Sipho? Thabo? Sizwe? So many names to pick from, anyway I’m finding it really hard to pick a name for the following story that is about to be shared. Ok let’s go with Charlie because of his mention in the “Chocolate factory” movie.

#GeniusFridays, how are you spending your Friday?

Back to Charlie, Charlie goes to gym three times a week and of those days in a week he visits McDonalds 4 times, grabs some ice cream with his girl 3 times a week not forgetting those Wakaberry frozen yoghurt moments on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Let the rookie brain freeze moments sink in.

With this being the case, Charlie still expects to have that six pack ready come spring with all that fat he takes in and only 3 days of taking pictures and benching 10kgs in the gym. Really dude? Let’s see what Kimye have to say.


After reading the above I don’t think there’s need to define what a flawed system is. Yet we see it every day, we choose to let it hide out in plain sight, talk about turning a blind eye.

Our education system? Yep the very same system that should have taught you genius from non-genius. Our education system is not designed for the environment in which it is expected to operate in. By this I am not talking about the quality of the education, that’s a discussion for another day, what I’m referring to is the practicality of its timing or rather the time taken to acquire academic and technical skills in our country. The beloved South Africa.

The average university graduate is expected to take a minimum 3 years to acquire a degree after a minimum 12 years in primary & high school. That means the 1st 15 years, without any failing, is spent trying to skill a single individual only to be told after that whole process that they are not skilled enough for certain roles and responsibilities, so an additional 3-5 years in the work environment is needed before we can say they possess value adding skills to ‘go live’.

But let us consider possible reasons as to why this happens:

All figures where collected from:


  • Our system says there is no schooling on weekends (let’s do the math) this equates to: (2days a week) X (4 weeks a month) X (12 months a year) X (15 years) = 1440 days.
  • Then we have public holidays (12days a year X 15 years)= 180 days
  • Then we have school holidays [(Mar/Apr ±14 days) +(Jun/Jul ±15 days)+(Sep/Oct ±6 days)+(Dec/Jan ±22days)] = (57 days a year) X (15 years)= 855 days
  • I can sense some of you going really?? Yes really!! 855 days!!


So based on the quantitative view of the system (1440+180+855) =2475 days (i.e. ±7 years), out of 15 years of schooling only 8 years where actually dedicated to education the rest was all unproductive years. I don’t know about you but I think Charlie spend most of those days eating junk and chasing non value adding traits. Sipho? Well it was the usual balleritis story with him, dude needs help.


In a country where we say the majority of the work force is uneducated, can we really afford to let the people, those who wish to be educated, waste 7 years of their lives?

In addition can you see that the system is perhaps designed to exclude lots of people from the education which it promotes?

Understand that throughout the process someone has to foot the bill of the learner, who is unproductive for 7 years. For those who study far from home accommodation and transports become a financial nightmare, never mind the cost of the education itself.

Simply put the problem with the quality of the South African workforce can never be solved under this system of laziness.

This discussion is actually 30 pages long, but here ay Genius Level we know that most don’t like reading much so we summarised.

We placing this here not so you can sound smart during a night out, but because we don’t know anyone who can help change this situation & I believe you care enough to send it to all your associates, and they can pass it on. And somehow it may find its way to the right ears. Educate yourself even when you aren’t placed in a classroom environment. Genius Level.


And oh Hi, I’m Kholofelo Molapo and I believe in adding value even through those vacant 7 years.


Article by Kholofelo Molapo @Kholo458 and edited by kagiso maloma.


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This Is What Makes Me A South African

This Is What Makes Me A South African.


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