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Eliminating The Snooze Button Effect


Ever wondered as to what it is that makes us different from other people? What goes into the making of a genius? The making of a millionaire? The making of an idol? Music superstar? The making of a Steve Jobs? Warren Buffet? The making of a candidate worthy of presidential status?

Bear in mind I wrote this post high, not talking THC/weed high; no literally above the clouds on a flight home. Some say the higher you go the more elevated your thoughts, be the judge of that……. Anyway as I look from left to right I see different kinds of people, the guy next to me has his work laptop open, and the guy on the far right seat is going through some sort of presentation slides. There is a fair mix of different kinds of people on board and one kind of begins to wonder what do they do? Especially as I take a look at the business class area with all the ‘suits’ getting served with metal cutlery? What do I have to do to get a seat that side? And oh did I mention there is only like 9 or 10 black people on board? Anyway story for another day.

To revert back to the main question… What makes one stand out from his or her peers? What is that one quality that you ought to have to stand out as a Genius Level candidate? Ever just seen someone of your age range jump out of an S3? An AMG? and you like damn with my R10k – R15k salary a month how much does he take home to be able to ball out like this? Truth is; whenever we see someone who shows off highly valued character traits and has material items we’d love to posses the same question always pops up……”What do I have to do to get a seat that side”?

With all rules of made up limitations that society forces us to acknowledge being ignored in this heightened mindset, why not start making an effort to better yourself as of now? The snooze button effect is the worst contributor to self improvement efforts. What is the snooze button effect? You know when your alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button and try sneak in another 5 minutes of sleep? Then those 5 minutes turn into an hour.

The snooze button effect can be seen in everyday life, call it procrastinating. The snooze button is pressed on everything! “I’m going to start gym next week”, “I’ll start saving from next month”, “I’ll study later”, “I’ll complete this task on Tuesday, it’s really not that much work, plus I know myself I’ll finish it in 2 hours”. The “I’ll study later lie” is the most common of them all, amazing how when later comes you always have some excuse to not do it or you find yourself crowding the dance floor at the local club. ***These students aint loyal***

The solution to this question of how to be the best and not just simply the rest takes me back to the movie “Pain & Gain” starring Mark Wahlberg, one motivation speaker takes him through what makes people great, it’s their ability to become doers. What sets people apart from being great is the ability to cut off the snooze button and start becoming more of a person who actions stuff, become a doer. I’ve realized that no matter how difficult a task is the key to getting it complete is to just start.

Being the best 101

Genius Level

Let’s call it the 3 Genius Level Steps to being the best, Setting objectives + Discipline + Actioning. Be it whatever you want to do, you must have a plan for it, how many hours do you want to put in the gym per day? How many days a week or month? How many hours are you going to put into the library? How many chapters do you intent on completing throughout that session? Is there maybe a new skill set you want to learn to help you do your job better?

Setting Objectives

The key is to document it, set up objectives from the list you have ranging from short, medium to long term. Trust me when I say there is nothing better than having your goals and dreams laid out in a structured format. This way you will be able to track your progress and make adjustments to the initial plan of action if there is any gap you come across. When you begin to do all these, you start behaving differently, you start valuing the time you have, you start focusing on getting rid of time wasters, you aim to better yourself. The cool thing about following these steps is that you immediately start feeling the results, you feel disciplined, feeling like you have a purpose, there is structure in what you do. The results are immediate also in your character trait; you eventually immediately even stop doing overly dumb non value adding activities.


Discipline is the next step; this involves developing a habit of doing what you initially set out to do. It takes 21 days to develop a habit it’s said, but given the genius level awesomeness in your character trait, you can develop a habit of excellence in one week. Remember society always places limitations upon you which you have to ignore. Not saying it will be easy avoiding the snooze button, but with dedication and a reminder as to why you doing this you will eventually get through it. Discipline is now on Genius Level Automated, its effortless and your character traits immediately shows off confidence and definition of purpose. Everyone knows there is non sexier than a person who is constantly at work to improve their star player, you may get away with disappointing people, but never with disappointing yourself.


The last of this step is Action! This is simple, whatever it is you set out to do, go out and do it, action it, become a doer.

As far back as it stretches, this 3 Genius Level Steps have been working for me and many others. Why not take a step to better yourself and become someone you look up to, and most importantly, someone who is not just the rest, but the best.

And oh, hi…. I’m Kagiso and I’m from a world where things are taken & never given.

Genius Levells (2)

Get on your level and grab what’s rightfully yours

And remember, you SNOOZE YOU LOSE


Article by Kagiso Maloma


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Quantum Leap Genius Detox Sundays

The day that you unintentionally reflect back on past happenings, either it be the dumb irresponsible missions you got up to on Friday or Saturday. It’s vital that you do this, even if you don’t have a struggle at hand. Just lay back, check your Bank balance as to the last balance you had the lunchtime of Friday. Sit back, review your objectives, your budget, your ambitions, plan ahead, set some short term goals for the week. Without trying to think too much about Monday, read a book, listen to meaningful music, cook, Call your loved ones, tell someone you miss them, be real with yourself, take a jog, stay away from your phone, sit in solitude. Sundays are there to create a cosmic balance between the naïve and more mature personalities that you carry with you. And most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself, live and learn.


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This Is What Makes Me A South African

 This poem is undated, it is neither truth, fiction nor lie. It’s what you make of it.


I’m a South African

For I call my two room bedroom house a compound, a part of my inspiration is a youth league graduate formerly introduced to the world as a trouble maker, I defy the Westernized rules by entering parliament with a miner and domestic worker’s uniform.

I’m a South African

The guy who drives me to work every morning scares me more than my boss; I know I could be great but I chose to do just enough. I overly celebrate goals that do not matter like my national team, culture and tradition were once well deep rooted in me, but for now my ancestors will have to forgive me, call me crazy for I believe I’m watched over by badimo. I act like money ain’t a thing, drive expensive cars, impress people who don’t matter. I’m my own Man Crush on any given Monday, with my skhothane shoes being the second ugliest thing apart from my bad credit. Ke phela ka skoloto but hey, we got the honies right?

I’m a South African

Genius Level was never taught to me yet I’ve managed to flirt with it . One of my dreams include going to UCT and becoming a Chartered Accountant. My parents are overly proud of me being in University, see the confusion on their faces when they asked as to what am I studying? In the commercial playground I’m referred to as newly issued shares.

I’m a south African

I hang around with other blue chip countries and trade on the stock market with them. I ask for no privileges and sympathy as I know I will one day make it, for one who makes it the hardest, makes it the best. Expensive bottles give me the drive I need to hunger for the good life I’m gonna attain when I do it big.
I got shot while I was trying to draw a baby bottle out of my waist in attempts to feed a young nation that hungers for guidance. The African Robin Hood, ba mpitsa Tsotsi.

I’m a South African

I complain about not having the time to do my work yet I spent hours on the TV anticipating dragon fights and a winter that never came. I hate my own kind but I always seem to get attached to TV characters.

I’m a South African

With Maleven being my role model, I really should not complain about the crime in this country. I plan to change the world, but first I have to tell the twitter community about it.

I’m a South African

Fear not, for I am a newly issued share, the market has opened its doors for me and I plan on diversifying my knowledge base and earning return on my efforts. I’m well educated, my library was the river bank where disposal trucks dumbed off millions worth of knowledge inscribed on paper. Damn yeh I’m from Limpopo, I turn negatives into positives, hatred into forgiveness. I am young at heart, amazing, motivated and driven!! With one thing in mind, success and beyond!

This is what makes me a South African


Poem by Kagiso maloma


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How To Be More Interesting “In 10 Simple Genius Steps”

Genius Level (7)

With the newly announced interest rate hikes in South Africa, we at Genius Level decided to turn this ‘debit’ into a ‘credit’ by drawing some inspiration from the Reserve Bank’s decicion, using it to help you parallel their tactics and overly  increase your own personal ‘interest’ rates. That’s Genius Level right?

The biggest crave humans have is attention, now we can all have a never ending debate on this but since we all deep down know that a little attention given goes a long way, we’ll just leave it at that. The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important, this brings all the attention, worship, compliments and praise needed to fill up one’s ego. We’ve seen the desperate lengths people are willing to go to get this.

Luckily we at Genius Level have devised an easy to follow 10 step process, months of research went into finding out  how you can be genuinely interesting without trying too hard. The science of how to be interesting has long been a curiosity in the minds of those perusing it. Have you ever been in the company of strangers and witnessed someone win over the hearts, interest and attention of everyone around you and you sitting there wondering how the hell can’t I manage to do that? Or that guy in the club who end up filling up his phone with all the pretty women’s numbers, the way conversation comes so easy to him like it was effortless. What about your colleague in a meeting who always gets everyone to pay attention as he dazzles with his vocal cords leaving everyone impressed?

Having people skills is a definite must have especially in today’s world were you need to be socially and professionally impressive in order to close a business deal, bring an end to strenuous negotiations or if you simply just wanna get the girl you have long had a crush on.

1    To be interesting you need to be interested.


I had this amazing dog when I was growing up, it had fluffy white fur and a long nose with spread out ears, at night you would have easily mistaken it for a wolf. I called him “Fly” from the way it used to jump at me whenever it saw me, I swear the dog would hide away for a second so it would find a reason to miss me and again and again jump up at me. My mom used to get so mad at the stains I had from playing with the dog, but hey, she had Omo right?

Fly knew my timelines, up early in the morning it would pop up with enthusiasm and sadly watch me from the steel gate as I headed to school. Come 4 in the afternoon it rushed towards the main road and waited for me to arrive. I loved this dog like John loved Ted! And this was only an animal, how did it come that I had such interest and love for a K9? Well its simple, to be interesting you need to be interested! People love it when you show effort to get to know who they really are. Do you stop and give warm hugs or handshakes to friends or neighbours when you see them after a long while? Or do you just freeze with a facial expression that looks deprived of happiness?

Be like Fly and show interest in people and they will give it back, look at how the #followback twitter concept works, the only way to get followers is to sometimes #followback, and likewise to get retweets or mentions you have to retweet others and mention them in your tweets. We can even put on our nerd glasses and break it down intellectually, “For every action exerted, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. So for every little thing that you do to show interest in others, they instantaneously take note of it and with equal or even greater “exerted” effort, they will show the interest back.

Fly might have passed on, but he taught me one valuable lesson I will hold with me always, make people feel special and the favour will definitely be returned, the late Maya Angelou did say that “People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Be that gold rainbow light of positivity whose energy is contagious for all to absorb and give back in greater quantities.

2    Encourage the other person to speak about themselves

Genius Level (3)

There is no denying that people love talking about themselves, they crave for the moment when one asks them about what they are doing for the weekend, how was the trip? Simple conversation openers like: how was your day? “You must be tired, you work so hard”. Those are so so easy things to ask, but in the world today they could well make you the most sort after person of all the 45 million South Africans.

I hear people talk about, “dude I just froze when I saw her! I did not know what to say”. Okay I admit I’ve been one of those who’d shut down given a conversation with a girl I really really liked. But it’s all so easy to start off conversation with the knowledge in mind that people always enjoy talking about themselves, take advantage of this escape route and see what wonders it does for you.

One who leaves your company pleased with themselves is equally pleased with you. What this does it, it creates a never ending cycle of return visits if I may put it, before you know it you will be considered interesting all from making people speak about themselves.

3    Diversify your personality and Learn more

Genius Level (2)

Personally I find rigid people boring, why should I have to make effort to entertain your areas of interest while you show no interest in mine? That’s how people end up alone. There are so many things you could do to diversify your persona, read a book, go onto Genius Level, download “100 amazing facts about the world”, watch a movie, watch a series, listen to audiobooks, just randomly decide to hang out with different people and most importantly be crazy and be yourself.

I instantaneously fell in ‘like’ with one lady who was shuffling around with my laptop playing music, out of nowhere she  played “a drop in the ocean” by Ron Pope, given that one good turn deserves another she went on to play “Spent some time” by Eminem!!!! I know right?? Automatically my head just turned and I stared at her with shock, “They still make you??”.

Be a flexible person, listen to different types of music and most importantly read! This will make you thee most knowledgeable, fun and interesting person to hang around. You know the type to jump into a conversation with nerds taking about science projects, the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and after that go on to blend in with the Company Directors on some “the margins are looking good”.

Have the curiosity to learn more, to be more you need to become more.

 4    Genuinely be thankful, appreciative, compliment and say thank you

Genius Level (16)

Underestimate not the power of a genuine “thank you”. People sometimes do things with the intention of getting appreciation out of them, imagine the heartbreak when your girlfriend makes you a meal she has been taking cooking lessons on and you just there eating half the plate and not complementing the food or thanking her for her efforts at least.

People generally like being around others who make them feel good about themselves. Next time you eat out at a nice restaurant and you love the food, ask the waiter to compliment the chef for his amazing skills. Genuine appreciation and compliments have the power to make one’s day and the greatest benefit with this is that when you make people feel good about themselves, they will definitely go out of their way to return the favour.

5    Greet people by name

Genius Level (18)

I remember I was hopeless, totally a lost soul when it came to remembering people’s names. That was my downfall with everything, ever just walked the opposite direction when someone you met some days ago is walking your way, all because you forgot their name. People feel appreciated and important when you remember and greet them by name. It shows that you are genuinely interested in them, and like the first step says “to be interesting you have to be interested”. That was one of Tata Mandela’s secrets of how he managed to get along and be loved by everyone! everyone? yes even the prison warders loved him during his time in jail; I remember watching a short clip of him in a meeting with a very important individual in his office, I remember seeing the kitchen staff come in with food for them. He was still president then, what he did next was an act of a beautiful, appreciative and thankful soul. He got up quickly, greeted all three ladies by name, kindly walked over to the table where they were placing the food and complimented them for their amazing cooking skills, he then proceeded to introduce the kitchen staff by name to the guest he had in his presidential office. Heartwarming to say the least. And you wonder why he is regarded as the greatest man to have ever lived?

Everyone loves the sound of their own name, toppled up with the right pronunciation it’s like music to one’s ears, be the kind of person who knows everyone’s name and see how much of an appreciation and interest you will get from it. I have managed to overcome the disability of not remembering people’s names, how? Well I genuinely showed interest and started listening.

The first thing to do when someone tells you their name is to say “oh really GOOD to meet you Kagiso” and maybe go off again with a little something like “how are you doing today Kagiso”, that will imprint the name into your mind, also you can try associating the name with something or a word it rhymes with or another person you know who has the same name, how the brain works is that the next time you see them, the initial friend of yours’ name will pop up and BOOM! You have won over a new soul. If all fails, do what I did when I started a new Job and had to memorize all my over 100 new colleague’s names, I wrote it down, just write it down and also list right next to the name a distinct feature the person has; I know it sounds a little too farfetched but the required outcome from that will definitely be worth the ink and effort.

6    Workout

Genius Level (8)

Had a really funny yet interesting conversation with an old colleague of mine today, he is the guy who most probably has had the most influence in me falling in love with gym, I can afford to take my shirt off at the beach now so its friends like this that you need to have around. He was telling me of the Melrose Arc Virgin Active that he went to last week. He talked about how you get free fruits and most importantly all woman there come in one size, perfect! Next time I’m in Johannesburg I’m definitely visiting that gym.

Anyway, the truth is when you start working out, taking jogs and eating the right food, people will most definitely be watching, what they will see is a guy/girl who takes care of themselves, is driven, hardworking and disciplined; people love that and would drop kick a sugar daddy with a sports car just to get to hang with you. But most importantly is that when you work out you feel great, you love yourself even more and that automatically shows in your personality, all hyped up, blood flowing to the right areas with ease, confidence just buck and swagger swaying like you were a runway model.

To add to that it’s a great way to network with people who share the same interests as you, you might even meet your company’s CEO or Director there, and before you know it you on a first name basis. Not forgetting the beautiful and handsome fit boys and girls you’ll definitely meet in there.

7    Listen

Genius Level (6)

People lose out on great conversations and interactions all due to not lending an ear to the person who’s talking, we all are just always ready loading our artillery with never ending bullets of responses to a point where we always miss the profound points made by the other person. Conversation shrinks and fails to add the value it was supposed to.

Too many of us fail to connect with others all because we don’t listen. We ought to all try practice active listening where you make a conscious effort to hear not only the words that the other person is saying but, more importantly the message being sent. What this does is it allows your brain to take in and process what’s being said, with that you able to give off more well thought and well-tailored smart responses.

People will love you for being an A+ listener, so much so they will want to be in your company 24/7. How do you go about mastering this well sort after skill? Well, just listen. and do continue reading………..

8    Interact with Genius individuals


Don’t be that guy who’s always looking to be the chatterbox in the group because you think you know everything, if you are within a group of friends and you are regarded as the smartest, you need to be worried, life should be about evolving and seeing just how far you can take it (Genius Level Stratosphere).

Interact with people you admire and see if you can’t learn a thing or two, and hey, you will make awesome friends in the process, and remember that people find interested people interesting.

9    Be yourself

Genius Level (1)

There is no other role you can play better, you are at your very best when you play yourself and no one can do it better. Believe it or not people can see right through the made up personality that’s not of your own making, that will make you a joke. You have been rehearsing this role all your life! own up to it.

Lights!! Camera!! Action!!

Be yourself and watch the learning curve in your attitude and personality trait attract people to you. Also refer to this amazing article for more on being yourself (The Fame Monster)

10    Get a Hypeman

 Genius Level (3)

Your Hypeman should tell you that you already interesting, that’s how powerful he/she is. Your Hypeman is your best friend. This Genius Level Magazine also serves as a Hypeman. (Read more on getting a Genius Level Hypeman)

11    Visit Genius Level and refer your friends to this amazing site

Genius Level (13)

Because we can, we just had to add in an eleventh step to help you in becoming the interesting person you have always wanted to become.

I mean where else would you have been reminded of these Genius steps to take to become more interesting? Grow with us as we grow with you and simultaneously learn how to attain these thought of to be divine gift we call  Genius Level. Easy on yourself, you already interesting, but like the Reserve Bank, given the dynamic and complex economic market conditions we simulating to our social environment, you have to always keep upping your ‘interest’ right?


Article by Kagiso Maloma


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