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The Science of Application

Genius Level13

Much like the newly appointed Members of Parliament having made their maiden speeches this past week, I’m making my debut on the Genius Level blog.

Application of intellect! Read the rest of this entry »


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A Million Ways to Lift your Genius

Genius Levels 

There’s a concept called ‘beginner’s mind’, same concept as beginner’s luck. Individuals who are not aware of how the mind works will call this chance. Firstly let’s get one thing out of the way, luck or beginner’s luck does not exist! Phoof! Let’s call it a mere excuse a conformist would use to defend his lack of idea/innovation pull consistency. If you have ever had to babysit a 7 year old or below, you’d know what I’m talking about when I say it’s somewhat of a nightmare……………….

****I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s pause and start from the BEGINNING SHALL WE. Read the rest of this entry »


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Why Women are Game Changers

Women are game changers

Ever considered that women could change the game. Back in varsity there was a period at res where men went through an intense bodybuilding phase . It was simple “If you wanna get laid get sexy”. The pressure was on! This thing of conjuring females with ‘movies and wine’ in your cosy room was kaput. That movie and wine had to come with a 6 pack and biceps, if not it was tissue and vaseline for you.

It was hectic. A revolution had begun, all sparked by women and the desire to get laid by men. I am certain fast food shops were experiencing a dip in sales. USN product sales were booming. Protein shakes were a staple diet. Corridors around res smelled like rotten eggs and potatoes(farts) and toilets were getting clogged. Men were at Mr Price buying the smallest of tees, it was a strictly v-necks only period. Men were wearing tank tops in winter, when spring came the only upper-body wear was vests or nothing….literally. It was real.

Naturally the amount of money a student can spend is limited, so financial sacrifices had to be made. Less drinking, photocopying textbooks instead of buying them or don’t buy them all together, buy more pap, oats and chicken breasts and no unnecessary grocery items. It even went as far as people studying less because more time was spent at gym(morning and afternoon session) and for ample muscle recovery one needs to sleep more, so sleeping hours were extended from 8 hours to 10 or even more sleep if possible, spending more time in kitchens making ‘high protein meals, less carbs and no fat’.

Men knew everything about getting big and sexy but knew fokol about the modules they were studying. All this being done by people who were suppose to be future asset managers, accountants, economists and lawyers. These dudes were set to spend most of there lives seated behind a desk crunching numbers yet they were spending a substantial part of their varsity lives trying to look like Ronnie Coleman and Kai Greene instead of investing in their future. Pussy had just subverted the aspirations of men. So naturally less men got their degrees and less passed their models. It was an academic blow-out, more money spent the following year, more modules, academic exclusion looming and deferred dreams(some indefinite)….but ey We got laid, right?


So I started to wonder what if the Pussy Revolution had been driven by other elements? More important things. What if women felt that being academically intelligent was the basis of getting laid. More dudes would be in the library that’s for sure, more degrees obtained, better leaders to choose from in the future. Women would drive success in this country. I can already picture the nerd conversations “Dude I just cum lauded my degree, I’m definitely getting laid tonight” or “Dude she is out of my league she only fucks with A students”. Only once in varsity did i know of a dude who got dumped for failing tests. Her girlfriends argument was “Chommie, this dude is failing and he is not serious about where he is going in life and he is NOT taking me with him”.

All I’m saying is that women have the ability to drive a man. Instead of driving him into senseless things why not drive and steer him spear-headed into his ambitions. Create a revolution that requires only greatness from men. A revolution conducive to him, yourself and future generations. If women can inspire a future accountant to go to gym and bench 100kg surely they can inspire him to do other more sensible things. Women, spark pressure to create more Mandelas, Bill Gates and Warren Buffets cause we have enough underwear models. I am not discouraging the idea of going to gym. Fitness is important and we should all exercise. All I’m saying is that the basis of selection used by women influences men heavily and that influence could be channelled into more important things.

And oh Hi, I’m Mzomuhle ‘Abstract’ Msomi

Article by Mzomuhle Msomi.


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Remeber listening one of J Cole’s songs where he was talking about the way record labels go about in selecting potential songs for an album that is about to be released, it went something like this “Labels are archaic, formulaic with their outcomes. They dont know, they just studied the charts, me I studied the shows, the fans, studied their hearts”

We have all had people tell us we cant do it, its not ideal or its impossible. Strike back with a force deadly enough to eliminate any chances of a counter attack. The only reason something is deemed impossible is because it has never been tried before. Be different, being on your Genius Level requires an unconventional way of thinking.



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Here at Genius Level we believe in sharing ideas to create for a better tomorrow, if you have a passion for writing and believe in inspiring people one word at a time contact us and we will use our synegies to create for a limitless genius level. Email me @ or call me on 076 426 4924 #GENIUSLEVEL


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How does one finish off a Friday at work in style? Well like all good movies do it, with a Morgan Freeman narration and a couple of papers tossed into the air as you head towards the exit……Flap open the doors like you where leaving one of those country American bars packed with Harley Davidson bike riders, you know the type to wear cowboy boots, jeans and black leather jackets with an illuminati lookalike sign embroidered on the back of their jackets. Not forgetting the beard looking like they hungry for one more round of castle drafts. Funny I have the same image of a bunch of mislead South African youth with bikes headed towards Rosebank for the night out yet no Harley Davidsons, no beard and no castle drafts!! Just tattoos, a bunch of girls and bottles of moet, the fountain of youth. Anyway do what makes you happy, let me not get carried away

GREETINGS GENIUSES!!!! Yet another Friday night and I’m rushing out the office with one thing in mind, I need to craft my next article to perfection. Have you ever gotten those crazy yet brilliant ideas while driving or sitting in a taxi and there is no way you can record those thoughts and you know for sure by the time you do find paper and some ink you would have lost it all. Yep I find myself in the same predicament, I’m lined up for a haircut by Port Elizabeth Town, the ideas start rolling in and before you know it I’m next in line to have that long awaited head shave, I try grab my blackberry out the pocket to get to my memo-pad, but the damn thing is frozen, let me take my iphone out… Crap battery dead. It’s funny how the best ideas come to you when you least ready to capture them. If there is one thing I need to learn is to master my creative process.

With that been the case, I’m sitting right in front of my laptop now, right where I need to be. Genius Level Matrix let it be known that the superman complex in me has me doing an 8 to 5, benching 71.54 kgs at the gym (That’s a round off to 72 by the way!!) and after that I’m still well fit to jump in on gun battles with only a page and some ink and freeze bullets like Neo.

My all time favorite movie, the Matrix!! The action scenes are overly awesome but that is not why I fell in love with the movie. Remember watching it for the first time and the concept around it all did not make sense, well I was still a kid then and was only interested in the action scenes and trust me they did not disappoint with all the dramatized fights with geniusly timed camera movements. Later when I watched the trilogy once more the ‘personally tailored’ message behind it all had me feeling like I was ‘the one’, I had instantaneously found the secret and was determined to break away from the “Matrix”.


First thing is first, I need to first break down what the matrix is and how the concept around it works before we get to our Genius Level topic. This will blow your mind.

If you have ever watched the movie Inception, and watched how they manage to get into your dreams and through the dream state manage to incept ideas into your head without you even realising that you in a dream state. The Matrix is of the same concept.

How did the Matrix come to be? Well in the movie its explained that man created the machine and gave them artificial intelligence, this created a new race of machines to help aid humans in their everyday business, what this did it took the power of decision from humans and put it into the hands of machines, what happened after that is the machines soon realised that the human race had gotten comfortable, lazy and less smarter in the sense that the machines where doing everything for them. A change of power then took place as one who makes the decisions holds the power. A power struggle then insumed over who was the more dominant species, as a result of the machines getting their power from solar energy released by sun rays, the humans struck the sun in attempts to deplete the machine race. What happened after that was a change of biblical proportions. Because the machines had no source of energy they then started paralyzing humans to use them as ‘batteries’, the human body generates electricity to which we shall call human voltage, the machines saw this as a source of energy for them and it is with the human body that the machines found all the energy they needed.


This is not a movie review simply insight needed to identify with the rest of the truth I will be revealing in this article. The Machines then managed to restrain all humans and keep them in capsules so as to be able to retract from them the energy they so desperately needed to survive. To keep the humans in the dark of what was being done to them the machines created a complex neuro-interactive simulation program known to be the MATRIX. Imagine you asleep and someone plugs a cable into your brain that simulates a fake reality through a continuous dream state that you entrapped in for the rest of your life, mean while you asleep not realising it, energy is constantly being retracted from your human body. The Matrix is a computer generated dream world which the machines built to keep the humans under control so they do not realise what is being done to them.

“Throughout human history we have been dependent on machines to survive, fate it seems is not without a sense of irony” Morpheus (The Matrix 1999).

****The above made me laugh hahahahhahahahahaha****

Now the fun revealing truth is about to begin, hop in and buckle up fellow geniuses.

What is real and what is not? What is fate and what is choice? It’s been said that choice is an illusion created by those in power to enslave people without even realising that they are enslaved. This we shall famously call the ‘System’ created by those who are in charge.

Bob Marley on Redemption Song said “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
none but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy, ‘Cause none of them can stop the time”.


Right there Bob is talking about the Matrix that is being simulated in the real world via systems that are in place to aid limit your very thinking and capabilities making you think like everyone and choosing not to be different, choosing not to search for the truth that will help you reach what I famously call your genius level. Think of the Matrix as a metaphor for what is currently happening in the real world nowadays. We are so obsessed with following trends and leading our lives the way it has been written.


My friend Neto Tleane once said to me via a BBM chat:

“All these Reality shows and Big Brother bull shit, watching other people live??? People chill the whole day to watch that shit, that’s the most retarding thing I’ve ever seen. We’ve become lazy and are becoming conformists; everything around us is bad for us. Feed you genetically modified foods, brain wash you with television and music, teach you lies to prepare you for the system at school and varsity; then you graduate from this system and are then the perfect product of the system, dumb, uneducated and unhealthy”

I may not be as unforgiving as this good friend of mine but indeed he’s right. We have lost a sense of what is real and what is not, we take on virtual lives via social media and forget to take time out to live our real lives. We forget about face to face interaction, the very basic of things to do like have a genuine one on one or a group conversation with your mates. Even though you are sitting there with them you are really not mentally there. I posted on my Facebook the other day: “Forget Instagram, conversation paints better pictures and does not need filters” Yep I just quoted myself, its real lol. I would not be surprised to find people in the next year or so introducing themselves to each other with their twitter/Instagram handles in attempts to grow their virtual following/Lives.

*** Hi I’m @Kagiso_Zinx ***

Reality shows and the media have become somewhat of a mind controlling tool. They eat up all your time and they control your perception about everything and I’m talking everything. Ask yourself as to when was the last time you tapped into my genius self and formulated an opinion free of any external influences. You are told of what product to buy, which car will suit you best, global warming is real and that the pharmaceuticals have found no cure for cancer. Ask yourself this, if the profitability of dishing out the cure of a given disease is lower than the profits realised through a prolonged cash flow guaranteed treatment of the disease which one will these greed infested corporations choose. Read and educate yourself.


I remember watching Southpark back in Varsity; one kid almost committed suicide because no one wanted to add him as a friend on Facebook. Nowadays a virtual following determines how cool you are. How different is this virtual interaction to that of the Matrix? It’s the very same thing in that in a virtual life everything seems perfect, you always smiling in your selfies and you constantly updating the world of how much fun you having. I find myself asking a question as to how much truth is in this. Attention seeking is becoming a chronic illness to which rehabilitation will one day be required. Why not prepare a prescription of self realization pills for yourself? Moslow did put it at the top of his list, maybe it’s worth overdosing on, and you never know how high up the Genius Level ladder you might find yourself landing on. We all guilty of this, myself included, the first step as with any problem is with being real with yourself and that is it! Escape from your own virtually constructed Matrix.


Back to the Explanation of what happened in the Movie that will evidently change your life as it has mine. This will blow your mind soon as you grasp the concept that is if you haven’t as yet…….Come on fellow Genius, keep up.


Now Neo they guy who defies gravity and stops bullets was one of the few to realise the truth about the Matrix. He realised that it was all a fake reality. He then broke away from it. He was labeled the one as he in his mind state did not acknowledge any limitations that the programmers had built into the Matrix. How did Neo become the one? He simply believed it. This teaches us a great lesson on self development, it starts within and you yourself will need to believe that you are cut from a different cloth before you can start freezing bullets and breaking records.

When you hit the sack as night and just before the pass out hits you’re unconscious; what is that one thought that puts a smile on your face? Who did you touch today? What difference have you made? What Genius Level have you reached? And most importantly are you getting closer to accomplishing those objectives you have set for yourself?

Do you see yourself as the one or do you just go about in the ‘Matrix’ like everybody does?

“Do not try and bend the spoon, that’s impossible, instead try to realise the truth, that there is no spoon, then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself” (The Matrix 1999).


Damn!! A great lesson can be learned from those overly powerful words from a kid. Are you a prisoner of your own thoughts? Do you hold back from being the best there is just so others can feel secure and normal around you? Are you entrapped in your own Matrix? Are you the one holding yourself back? Are your skills and strengths based in a world that is built on rules? Limitations? Rigid thinking and institutionalized controls?

I’m currently reading the book Rich Dad poor dad and in there they talk of how people lack initiative to break away from their institutionalized way of thinking, we are simply born into a prison, a prison for your mind, our Parents tell us to go to school, get good grades, get a degree and get a job. Surely it would be depressing to view life as 3 stage process. Go to school, Get a degree, and get a job. Nowhere in that process are you taught to think for yourself. Now let’s reflect: The Matrix is a program designed to keep humans enslaved in their own minds so as to drain all the energy they produce while they are unconscious and not aware of what is happening. Is this not the same program we are constantly encouraged to imprint in our life schedules? You get a job working for someone else and you help them achieve their objectives and only get minimal compensation for all your hard work all your life, I’m talking till you retire there is a level you have to report to. If humans are really batteries then this is how your energy is constantly being drained without you realising it, only being given enough so that the next month you are back trying to make more; before you know it you then locked into a vicious continuous cycle of living from one paycheck to the next, being offered credit and having to pay it back plus 21%. Go to school, get a degree and the world is yours for the taking. Excuse my latter statement, I was practicing the words I’m gonna imprint in my unborn son’s DNA from a young age.


Son, most people you see around are trapped in the ‘Matrix’, a prison that locks away all their fully loaded potential, they go about in their everyday lives being perfectly comfortable with an average living. They have what I call collective hallucination, their strengths and skills are based on a world that is built on rules; it is because of that they will never be as innovative, Genius and driven as us. Dad are you telling me that when the time is right I will constantly be wining employee of the month awards? No son, what I’m saying is that when you are ready the award will be named after the owner of the Conglomerate, YOU!

Although we’d all love to hate him, no one can deny that Mr West is a change agent in the game. His inspiration is fueled by the idea of constantly evolving. Ask yourself how one man can be a dope beat maker, then a Genius artist, film director, toppled up with that he’s a designer; I got a pair of those Air Yeezy sneakers to prove it. How can one man be so talented? Rather how can one man declare talent invalid as all his success has been influenced by hard work and unique thinking. How did he do it? What is that one common mindset that he shares with Neo? It’s simply that he believed it. Why am I talking about Kanye? Well like Neo did, he realised something most people do not, he realised that to get ahead you need to break away from the collective hallucination that has us all conforming to this invisible mental solitary confinement. Hi first album is titled College Dropout, think of it as a message he is passing on to listeners that they need to drop out of this vicious cycle we all locked in where we follow the 3 stage process of going to school, then varsity and after getting a secure job.

Remember in one of my other posts I talked of generating consistent sources of motivation via analyzing the things that you do and the music you listen to and really listening so as to harness the hidden inspiration behind it all. Well let’s listen to what Kanye has to say:

“Look at the valedictorian scared of the future While I hop in the Delorean_Scared-to-face-the-world complacent career student_Some people graduate, but we still stupid_They tell you read this, eat this, don’t look around. Just peep this, preach us, teach us, Jesus_Okay, look up now, they done stole your_streetness(Genius Level).” Kanye: Good Morning

“Man I promise, she’s so self conscious. She has no idea what she’s doing in college. That major that she majored in don’t make no money But she won’t drop out, her parents will look at her funny. Now, tell me that ain’t insecure. The concept of school seems so secure. Sophmore three years aint picked a career” Kanye: All Falls Down

“Told ’em I finished school, and I started my own business_They say, ‘Oh you graduated?’ No, I decided I was finished_Chasin’ y’all dreams and what you’ve got planned” Kanye: School Spirit


I’m sure we can all harness some genius from Mr. West by looking at the world through his lenses. Now I’m not saying go drop out and leave school; what im saying is make it about something, do the things you love because only then will you dedicate all your energies to them. Stop chasing other people’s dreams that they have planned for you. Make this about the star player that resides within you.

I was at one of the Universities in Johannesburg in 2012 during a career day opening with my company to recruit fOR graduate positions. What happens there is numerous companies visit the University once a year to promote their company and advertise graduate positions for prospective graduates. There are some very smart driven individuals out there, I saw that when I had a chat with some of the students. The thing that made me feel like the concept of the matrix is taking form is the way some of these students had talent yet did not know how to channel it right; some where either trying to get a degree to please their parents or they did not know what they were going to do with that degree once they done. A degree is only the beginning.


Everyone around you is projecting their fears onto you in some sort of way; the advice they give you, when they tell you that you can’t do it its impossible, they make you believe the test is going to be hard. Channel you’re thoughts towards positivity, only that way will you become a victim of your own reality where you see things differently from the way others do. You are told to study so as to get a job and be well off; the problem is for most of us there was no one in the system that told us differently we all just learned down the road that you can actually break common practice and discover another route well paved with no rules and limitations. You have seen the path that most choose to take, your friends stuck in the ‘matrix’ whereby they literally stop living and follow other people lives, choosing not to improve their own self, rather they make suggestions and comments about the others who actually do take a stand to live out their personal legends.

Take a look at yourself, the mirror is revealing Drake once said. Jay Z also speaks about the lost ones referring to those still stuck in the vicious cycle that is the mentally constructed matrix.

“People are brainless to unnecessarily go through these changes. And I ain’t even know how it came to this, except that fame(Ignorance) is the worst drug known to man, It’s stronger than, heroin. When you could look in the mirror like, “There I am” And still not see, what you’ve become. I know I’m guilty of it too but, not like them, you lost one”

So break the chains, free yourself of common traits, release your potential, do awesome things that have never been done before. Fear and the feeling of comfort will keep you plugged into the matrix. They lock in your inner potential to be the best that you can. Even the people around you become so much of a product of the matrix that they themselves start discouraging those that have a different fresh perspective; they ridicule any ideas that challenge normal thinking. The only reason you’re daring ideas will work is because they are free of external influences and have never been tried before; that’s what reaching your genius level is about. Be aware of your thoughts, envision the finish line, breakaway from the Matrix and only then will see the whole picture.


And oh hi, I’m Kagiso and I think you too can stop flying bullets. Know thy self.



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