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X all the Y_The Best, Never  the Rest!!!

Ever wondered as to what it is that makes us different from other people? What goes into the making of a genius? The making of a millionaire? The making of an idol? Music superstar? The making of a Steve Jobs? Warren Buffet? The making of a candidate worthy of presidential status?

Bear in mind I wrote this post high, not talking THC/weed high; no literally above the clouds on a flight home. Some say the higher you go the more elevated your thoughts, be the judge of that……. Anyway as I look from left to right I see different kinds of people, the guy next to me has his work laptop open, and the guy on the far right seat is going through some sort of presentation slides. There is a fair mix of different kinds of people on board and one kind of begins to wonder what do they do? Especially as I take a look at the business class area with all the ‘suits’ getting served with metal cutlery? What do I have to do to get a seat that side? And oh did I mention there is only like 9 or 10 black people on board? Anyway story for another day.

To revert back to the main question… What makes one stand out from his or her peers? What is that one quality that you ought to have to stand out as a Genius Level Ridiculous candidate? Ever just seen someone of your age range jump out of an S3? An AMG? and you like damn with my R10k – R15k salary a month how much does he take home to be able to ball out like this? Truth is; whenever we see someone who shows off highly valued character traits and has material items we’d love to posses the same question always pops up……”What do I have to do to get a seat that side”?

With all rules of made up limitations that society forces us to acknowledge being ignored in this heightened mindset, why not start making an effort to better yourself as of now? The snooze button effect is the worst contributor to self improvement efforts. What is the snooze button effect? You know when your alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button and try sneak in another 5 minutes of sleep? Then those 5 minutes turn into an hour.

The snooze button effect can be seen in everyday life, call it procrastinating. The snooze button is pressed on everything! “I’m going to start gym next week”, “I’ll start saving from next month”, “I’ll study later”, “I’ll complete this task on Tuesday, it’s really not that much work, plus I know myself I’ll finish it in 2 hours”. The “I’ll study later lie” is the most common of them all, amazing how when later comes you always have some excuse to not do it or you find yourself crowding the dance floor at the local club.                                    ***These students aint loyal***

The solution to this question of how to be the best and not just simply the rest takes me back to the movie “Pain & Gain” starring Mark Wahlberg, one motivation speaker takes him through what makes people great, it’s their ability to become doers. What sets people apart from being great is the ability to cut off the snooze button and start becoming more of a person who actions stuff, become a doer. I’ve realized that no matter how difficult a task is the key to getting it complete is to just start.

Being the best 101

Let’s call it the 3 Genius Level Steps to being the best, Setting objectives + Discipline + Actioning. Be it whatever you want to do, you must have a plan for it, how many hours do you want to put in the gym per day? How many days a week or month? How many hours are you going to put into the library? How many chapters do you intent on completing throughout that session? Is there maybe a new skill set you want to learn to help you do your job better?

The key is to document it, set up objectives from the list you have ranging from short, medium to long term. Trust me when I say there is nothing better than having your goals and dreams laid out in a structured format. This way you will be able to track your progress and make adjustments to the initial plan of action if there is any gap you come across. When you begin to do all these, you start behaving differently, you start valuing the time you have, you start focusing on getting rid of time wasters, you aim to better yourself. The cool thing about following these steps is that you immediately start feeling the results, you feel disciplined, feeling like you have a purpose, there is structure in what you do. The results are immediate also in your character trait; you eventually immediately even stop doing overly dumb non value adding activities.

Discipline is the next step; this involves developing a habit of doing what you initially set out to do. It takes 21 days to develop a habit it’s said, but given the genius level awesomeness in your character trait, you can develop a habit of excellence in one week. Remember society always places limitations upon you which you have to ignore. Not saying it will be easy avoiding the snooze button, but with dedication and a reminder as to why you doing this you will eventually get through it. Discipline is now on Genius Level Automated, its effortless and your character traits immediately shows off confidence and definition of purpose. Everyone knows there is non sexier than a person who is constantly at work to improve their star player, you may get away with disappointing people, but never with disappointing yourself.

The last of this step is Action! This is simple, whatever it is you set out to do, go out and do it, action it, become a doer.

As far back as it stretches, this 3 Genius Level Steps have been working for me and many others. Why not take a step to better yourself and become someone you look up to, and most importantly, someone who is not just the rest, but the best.

And oh, hi…. I’m Kagiso and I’m from a world where things are taken & never given.

Get on your level and grab what’s rightfully yours

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