Genius Level Purpose (Getting There)

21 Apr

So I recently engaged in a very interesting conversation with a newly made friend of mine, the question was how I would define coincidence, after a long unstructured answer she finally put it in a way that connects everything that happens around us. Coincidence is reality taking place, what this entails is not that everything that happens to you, happens with you having no control over it; simply that everything is written, getting to point D you might use route A, B or C_ but eventually you supposed to get to D, whatever route you choose to use.

With that being said, you have to be the one to decide in the first place that you want to head out to point D, how you get there is a matter of will, discipline and planning. Different strokes for different people, if you serious about whatever it is you want to accomplish then you will pave your own route, the rewards are waiting for you. Hurry it up_ ***the winter is coming***


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