Genius Level Introduction

14 Apr

Follow my blog for all inside on amazing views on Financial Fitness, Mental Fitness, how to preserve consistant sources of motivation, daring topics not touched on in everyday life_ Learning how to appreciate and make the most out of your daily routine_ Appreciation of different views on half empty 1/2 full 750ml beer bottles_ Amazing topics on personal branding_ the awesomeness of evolving_ Serious questions like was the road the chicken crossed E-tolled? if so rainbow chicken has a bone to pick with Sanral. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY ALLOWING ME TO BE YOUR TAXI DRIVER THAT WILL HELP YOU DODGE LIFE’S POTHOLES_ GRAB YOUR HAND AS WE LEARN TOGETHER HOW TO “CUT IN” ON EVERYDAY LIFE TRAFFIC AND HELP YOU GET TO YOUR GENIUS LEVEL RIDICULOUS………………

and oh_ Hi, I’m Kagiso & I believe in personal branding, evolving and having fun while doing so.

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